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Advisor Disclosure

Advisor Disclosure Statement

As an insurance advisor, I am obliged to provide written disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest to my clients. In addition, it is important to know the company which is offering/supplying the product or service as well as the advisor who is recommending it. The following information will assist you in making an informed decision and will provide insight into my relationship with the companies I do business with, and how I am compensated.

About Me:

I am licensed to offer Life, living benefits, investments products in the province of Alberta. Living benefits may include disability income protection, critical illness and long- term care insurance coverages. Life Insurance includes short term and permanent types of coverage. Additionally, I can help clients with life insurer investment types of plans such as annuities and segregated funds.

Products Available:

My recommendations are based on my assessment of your financial and security needs and are selected from a broad range of products. I have access to insurance company products through a Managing General Agency, HUB Financial Inc. including but not limited to the following: BMO INSURANCE, CANADA PROTECTION PLAN, MANULIFE and INDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE, among others.

Nature of my business Relationships

I am a sole proprietor – No insurer holds an ownership interest in my business and nor do I hold an ownership interest in any insurance company.


If you choose to purchase a product through me, I will be paid by the company that offers the product you choose. I am compensated by a sales commission for most products once the policy has been delivered and accepted by you. I may also receive a renewal (or service) commission for policies which remain inforce. For certain products, the compensation may be different from the standard commission scale provided above and I may be paid via a referral fee. I will advise you if this occurs. Dependent upon various factors, if my sales reach a certain level, I may be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses and other benefits, such as travel conferences. Recognition / incentive-based compensation is an industry wide practice and is a standard form of payment. As an insurance advisor, I am bound by the codes of conducts and laws governing life insurance agents. This means that any insurance product(s) I recommend to you will be the product(s) I consider to best suit your needs, regardless of the compensation earned.

Conflict of Interest

I take the potential of a conflict of interest very seriously. I will notify you verbally and through a separate written disclosure if there is a potential or real conflict of interest of which I become aware. My overall recommendations are unbiased and, where possible, are based on an independent survey of companies which provide the products the client is interested in.

Client's Right to Ask for More Information

If you would like further information about my qualifications or business relationships, please contact me and I will be happy to help.